Question: What exercise is good to chase away bad thoughts?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all let us try to know what is the ultimate effect of one bad thought. If we only use the term bad thoughts, undivine thoughts, impure thoughts, that is not enough. What we must remember is that each of these words signifies one idea, and that is 'bondage'. Bad thoughts, undivine thoughts, ultimately are going to do only one thing: they are going to bind us. But divine thoughts will expand us.

You all know what purity is. If you can repeat the word 'purity' soulfully just a hundred times daily, even before you get out of bed, purity will begin to dawn in your life and in your mind. When you repeat the word 'purity', try to feel that your mouth is pure, your eyes are pure, your forehead is pure, every part of your body is pure. Each time you utter the word 'purity', concentrate on a part of the body and feel that it is pure. When you have done this a hundred times, you will feel that you are nothing other than purity. You can go one step farther. When you look at a flower, immediately you feel that the flower is very pure. Once you have purified your whole existence, try to feel that you are nothing but the tiniest flower. When you feel that you have become that flower, if you are an aspirant, place it on your altar as an offering to God. You have been crying for purity, and God has given it to you, so in gratitude you will place yourself at the Feet of God.