Question: How can I purify my mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Every day try to think of your mind as an empty vessel. When you deal with the mind, if the mind is empty, that means already you have made considerable progress. You have emptied out ignorance, worry, imperfection, limitation and all undivine things. Now what will you do? You will fill this empty vessel with joy, love, purity and all divine qualities.

You want to purify your mind. You will find abundant purity inside the heart and the soul. It is very difficult for people to feel the soul, but it is not difficult to feel the presence of the heart. When you can feel the presence of your heart, you have again made progress. Then, every day meditate on the heart, trying to feel that this heart is composed of nothing but purity. Once you feel absolutely sure that your heart is composed of purity, then every day take a little bit of purity and pour it into the empty vessel that is your mind.

Another thing you can do is think of your mind as an empty basket. Try to feel inside your heart a blossoming tree of purity. Every day pluck one purity-flower from the heart-tree and put it inside the mind-basket.

Gradually the basket will be filled to the brim, and the mind will be filled with the fragrance of innumerable purity-flowers.