Question: How can one have confidence in flashes of intuition?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know your own standard of spiritual light. While walking in the street, or while doing anything, you can have a flash of intuition. But you have to know on which plane your consciousness is at that time. You have to know your own standard and see from what level the so-called intuition has come.

Intuition and intuitive knowledge cannot come from the conscious mind or from the subconscious plane. Intuition is not bound by the mind; it is something beyond the mind. The realm of intuition is far above the mind's region. Whenever you get a flash or a truth from the intuitive plane, it does not need any support from the mental, vital, or physical plane for manifestation. It is divinely individual and supremely universal. And it has the power to awaken and illumine the seeker.