Question: How can we know the difference between an imaginary thought and a real thought?

Sri Chinmoy: A thought that is followed by joy or sorrow is an imaginary thought. But a thought that we feel deep inside our heart is a real thought. It does not need the assistance of anything to make us feel its reality. Real thoughts come from a plane of their own, a world of their own. This world is a realm of pure thought. If you can touch this world you can bring real thoughts down to yourself. Unlike an imaginary thought, a real thought is self-evident and self-sufficient. A real thought is alive and dynamic like a river. When we feel any idea or thought deep inside our heart, we can rest assured that it is a real thought. In the mind, also, we can sometimes get a real thought. If the thought comes from the mind and enters immediately into the heart, then it is a real thought.

We can create real thought by using the power of our soul's will. If we concentrate on the heart and go deep within, and if we can knock at the door of the soul, from there we will get only real thoughts, real ideas, real messages. If we can open the door of the soul, immediately the soul's will will automatically be transformed or channeled into thoughts which are absolutely real. A real thought always has power, assurance and a sense of accomplishment, whereas an imaginary thought will not have any of these.