Question: Can we reach God through the intellect alone?

Sri Chinmoy: Through the intellect alone you can never, never, never reach and know the attributes of God. It is impossible! God's true Existence, true Height, true Form are millions and billions of miles away from the intellectual domain. At the same time, you cannot say that God does not exist in the intellect. God is omnipresent. But God's highest Height, deepest Depth, all-pervading Consciousness, one can never, never realise through the intellect.

If we are totally without intellect, we remain in the animal world. When we enter into the human world, intellect does help us. For an ordinary human being, the mind is the highest stage in the process of evolution. The more one is mentally awakened and fertile, the greater is his capacity to achieve and to fulfil himself here on earth. But we must come to feel the limitations of the intellect. By living in the mental world we will find no poise, no peace — only two naked swords fighting against each other. My intellect will fight against your intellect. But these swords can never cut asunder the thick veil of ignorance.