Editor's introduction

The spiritual heart and the physical mind are like mother and child. The mother seeks to perfect and illumine her child and one day it happens that the child becomes an adult. In this book, which is the first of a two-volume series, Sri Chinmoy answers questions mainly about the ordinary human mind and its links with the higher minds — with the intuitive mind, the overmind and the highest mental plane where creation itself begins. In the second volume of this series, Sri Chinmoy focuses on the spiritual heart.

The mind and the heart are not just concepts; they are actual realities that exist beyond the physical plane, with a life and consciousness of their own. As an illumined Yogi with free access to these planes, Sri chinmoy is able to take the reader on a most unusual journey through these worlds. This is not a book of theory or philosophy. Rather it is more like an inner travelogue, a journey beyond the discoveries of twentieth-century psychology into the veritable living core of the human psyche.