Question: What does it mean when one says that an aspirant has reached a consciousness above his imagination during meditation? Do you mean that the aspirant is not conscious of that Grace?

Sri Chinmoy: He is conscious of the Grace, but he cannot conceive it with his mind. Imagination is in the mind. With the mind, if we think that we are carrying something very deep, very vast and very profound, still that thought of vastness and profundity is next to nothing in comparison with the experience that we have had or will have. When somebody tells a child that something is very big, he immediately thinks of an elephant or of a house. That is his conception of largeness. When we think with our mind, our idea of vastness and profundity is similarly limited. The mind cannot conceive of infinite expanse. It cannot properly receive the impression of infinite expanse. So when the aspirant wants to bring down some divine qualities with his mind, he has to know that the mind cannot even properly conceive of these qualities, let alone bring them down. That is because the conceptions of the human mind are limited, whereas the divine qualities are boundless.
"O my mind, ... yours is the arrow of concentration. Yours is the soil of lightning intuition. Yours is the unhorizoned peace."