Question: The mind is in constant turmoil and conflict. Is there ever any conflict in the heart?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no conflict within the heart itself, but there is often conflict between the heart and the mind. The real aspiring heart has no will but the will of the soul. It is constantly crying, crying to reach the Highest. The spiritual heart has that kind of aspiration. Until the mind is illumined, the heart will never stop fighting to illumine it. It will cry for light until the mind constantly cries with it. We have to allow the heart to capture the mind and not allow the mind to indulge in doubt or suspicion, which will only delay its own progress.

The vital and the mind are on one side and the heart and soul are on the other side. But the heart and the soul do not like to fight against the vital and the mind all the time, so they allow a compromise and for some time they let the vital and the mind go their own way. But eventually the heart and the soul will not care for any compromise. They also have their strength. Eventually they will fight. They will challenge the vital and mind, saying, "We want your transformation for your own good. No compromise! We have to win." The soul is infinitely more powerful than the mind and the vital and they will have to surrender to the will of the soul.