Question: Is the path of the heart easier than the path of the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two roads you can take: one is the mental road and one is the psychic road. The easiest, fastest and most convincing road is the psychic road, the road of the heart. When we feel something, we are more convinced than when we see something. When we see something with our eyes, when we actually approach the thing or when we take a second look, it may look different. But when we really feel something inside the heart, immediately there is certainty. That is because we do not have the capacity of identification with the mind. But with the heart we immediately identify. When the mother hears the cry of the child, immediately she runs to him, because she has become one with the child. In the spiritual life when the child, the aspirant, cries, immediately God comes running.

We call the path of the heart the sunlit path. On this path progress is faster than the fastest, because inside the heart is the soul. The soul is all light. It is the divine messenger, the divine representative of God. If you really knock at the heart's door, everything is achieved, because when the heart's door is opened you will find the soul within. So please concentrate, meditate and contemplate on the heart. Everything that you want from God, in God and for God must come directly from there.