Question: The moment you invite questions my mind wants to ask many questions, but my heart does not want me to ask any questions. Why is this?

Sri Chinmoy: I answer questions because sometimes I see that your heart is not able to convince your mind of the truth which the heart already knows. But if you hear this truth from me, your mind will try to see something in my wisdom-light. Your heart, as you say, has no questions. It intuitively knows all the answers. But your mind has quite a few questions. When I answer your questions, the power of your heart is strengthened because your mind begins to accept the truth and light in the answer, and to surrender to your heart. When the mind does not fight against it so much, the heart becomes stronger. That is why I answer questions — to convince the mind. Otherwise, very often the mind will refuse to see the light or feel the light or become one with the light that the heart offers it.