Question: Since I started meditating here, I have felt that my consciousness is in a different place, and I just wondered if you would comment on that.

Sri Chinmoy: Your consciousness is now in the heart centre. This is the centre of pure love and oneness. Formerly, your consciousness was in the mind. When you stay in the mind, all of life can seem like a dry piece of wood. But when you stay in the heart, life can be turned into a sea of pure love and bliss. Since you have been coming here your consciousness has begun functioning more from your heart centre than from your mind centre. If you can keep it there, you will gradually begin to experience a spontaneous feeling of oneness. If you can cultivate the spiritual soil of the heart, you will find growing there spontaneous love, spontaneous oneness with God and God's creation.

In the heart love is really pure and it flows abundantly. From the navel centre love also flows abundantly, but it is filled with impurity. And from below the navel, in addition to being impure, love flows in an insignificant measure.