Question: How can I become my heart and remain in my heart at every second?

Sri Chinmoy: There are three ways in which you can become your heart. The first way is to feel that you have spread a net, in which the entire world is caught. You have caught everyone, not to punish them, not to hurt them, but to play with them. You will give them joy and they will give you joy. When you think of playing a game, you become the heart. The heart is joy, play is joy, the game is joy and the player is joy. To become only the heart, you have to feel that there is somebody playing with you constantly and eternally, and that person is God. According to our Indian conception, God is an eternal Child, and all spiritual Masters also have a childlike nature. It is sometimes said that the first and foremost sign of a spiritual Master is that he has the heart of a child. Of course, this means a spiritual child, a divine child, an illumined child, and not an ordinary child.

The second way to become the heart is to feel that inside you there is a divine Child and that is the soul. You can constantly think that inside your heart is a Child who is most luminous, infinitely more beautiful than any human being. The eternal Child needs an abode, a house, a room. Where is His room? It is inside your heart. First think of the Child, and then think of His needs. He needs a place to live and your heart is the most perfect abode.

The third way to feel that you are the heart is to constantly feel your need and God's need. Your need is perfection. If you can think of perfection, meditate on perfection, cry for perfection, then your need will be fulfilled. God's need is manifestation. In spite of your imperfection He is manifesting Himself, but when He can manifest in and through your perfection, then He will have real fulfilment. When God is fulfilling Himself in and through you, that is your real fulfilment and His real fulfilment. At that time you are nothing else but the heart.