Question: Sometimes during my meditation I feel I am attacked by very undivine thoughts. How can I fight against them?

Sri Chinmoy: During your meditation, do not fight against evil thoughts. If you constantly fight against evil thoughts, to your wide surprise you will only strengthen them. But if you open yourself to divine thoughts, evil thoughts will find no use for you. They will be terribly jealous of your divine thoughts and will in no time leave you.

During your meditation, try to cultivate divine Love. Try to love humanity soulfully. You may say: "How can I love others when I do not know how to love myself?" I will tell you how you can love yourself. You can love yourself most successfully just by loving God unreservedly. You may ask: "How can I love God when I do not know what love is?" My immediate answer is: "Love is the transforming power in our human nature. Love transforms our life of stark bondage into the life of mightiest freedom. Love cries for life. Love fights for life. Finally, Love grows into the Life Eternal."