Question: What is universal Consciousness? How does one recognise it?

Sri Chinmoy: Universal Consciousness is one of the major realisations of the seeker, but we cannot say that the realisation of the universal Consciousness is the highest realisation. The realisation of the transcendental Consciousness is higher than the realisation of the universal Consciousness.

The term "universal Consciousness" means that the aspirant is fully conscious of his inner divine existence. This experience makes him feel that he is of the One, and at the same time he is for the many, for all: One for all and all for One. When his awakened consciousness makes him feel the reality of "One for all and all for One," then it is the universal Consciousness.

One recognises the universal Consciousness only when he feels that his individual existence cannot be separated from the universal existence. He is like a drop of the ocean. If the drop is taken away from the ocean, then the ocean is incomplete, and naturally the drop is also incomplete.