Question: Sometimes during my meditation I find that my mind seems to be dwelling on worldly or unspiritual thoughts.

Sri Chinmoy: At times the mind wants to indulge in certain worldly and emotional thoughts during meditation. But the aspirant has to be very careful and not permit the mind to do so. During meditation everything is intense and if the aspirant indulges in evil thoughts, the effects become more serious and more dangerous. The aspirant grows weaker the moment the mind becomes a prey to self-indulgent thoughts.

It is the very nature of our lower mind to deceive us. But our tears and the mounting flame in our heart will always come to our rescue.

When you discover that for five or ten minutes your mind has been filled with undivine and ordinary thoughts, you have to feel that you have really missed an opportunity, that you have really lost something precious. You will then feel that you want to prevent this from happening again, and the next time you will be very careful and attentive.