Question: What kind of attitude should you have when you meditate on the heart?

Sri Chinmoy: Try to feel that you are helpless. As soon as you feel that you are helpless, somebody will come to help you. If a child is in the street, totally lost, if he begins to cry, some kind-hearted person will show him where his home is. In the inner world, your real home is your heart. Feel that you are lost in the street, and there is a storm raging outside — that means doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity are pouring down on you. But if you cry sincerely, somebody will come to rescue you. Somebody will show you how to get to your home, which is your heart. Your inner being is that somebody. This is the way to meditate. Cry inwardly. When you feel helpless, immediately your inner cry will take you to the place where you will get shelter, where you will get the things that you want — illumination, salvation, realisation.