Question: How can we convince the unaspiring part of humanity that meditation is a natural experience?

Sri Chinmoy: You can convince people through your own life, your own conduct. Just tell them, "Look at us. In the morning we meditate, in the evening we meditate. We live a life of meditation and aspiration, and we are perfectly normal. Do you see any difference between yourself and us? We also eat food; we also have eyes and legs and arms. But when you look at us you see a glow. It is not showing off. But when people look at us, they see something different, something unusual. That unusual thing we are getting by doing something that you have not added to your daily routine."

When they ask you what that particular thing is, you will say that it is meditation. You are using something natural and normal which they have not discovered. This natural, normal thing can be theirs as well, but they are not utilising it.