My letter of resignation

June 13th, 1967

My Dear Mr. Mukherjee,

I beg to offer my resignation with all my heart’s deepest gratitude to each member of the Passport and Visa section and my Consul, Mr. Nazareth, and the Adm. Consul, Mr. Bhalla, and finally to the Consul General, Dr. Gupta, who have all been most kind and affectionate to me during my humble service at the Indian Consulate.

My deepest sense of gratitude also flies to Moscow to my ex-Consul, Mr. Mehrotra, who had so kindly appointed me. He was of abundant help and inspiration to me. His constant and genuine concern for me makes me shed tears of gratitude.

Truth to tell, I shall never forget our Consul General Dr. Gupta’s indulgent ear. I shall always treasure his sweet, encouraging and inspiring words.

Consul Bhalla has been most sympathetic and most actively interested in my future plans, and for that I am deeply indebted to him.

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to serve my Consul Mr. Nazareth for a long period of time. Nevertheless, during this short span of time, his dynamic inspiration and profound understanding have touched my heart deeply.

Mr. Chandra’s penetrating mind and true concern have greatly helped me, and to him I sincerely owe a great deal.

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Coutinhoe, Mr. Jovial, Mr. Takore, Miss Ramaswamy, Mr. Jesia, Mrs. Chipper and Mrs. Chopra — to each of them please tender my deep affection, joy and gratitude.

Finally, Mr. Mukherjee, in all sincerity, I would like to tell you how I wished and still wish to be worthy of your unfathomable affection.

Most sincerely yours,

Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

“Mr. Chinmoy Kumar Ghose has performed his responsibilities with an unflinching sense of duty, an unquestionable integrity and thorough sincerity. We wish him every success in his endeavours to spread India’s message of Truth and Love and spiritual disciplines such as Yoga.”

-– L. L. Mehrotra, Consul, Indian Consulate
New York, 31 October 1966

“How is Ghose? He was a little unwell during the days preceding my departure. I am very much concerned and would expect him to take greater care of his physical well-being; for I know he has already taken care of his spiritual well-being better than any one of us.”

-– L. L. Mehrotra, First Secretary, Indian Embassy in Moscow
(formerly Consul, Indian Consulate, New York)
taken from one of his letters,
28 January 1967

“I have rarely seen such an industrious and honest person. Moreover, he is a gentleman in its true sense. He is an unassuming and humble person with great strength of character. I shall greatly miss him, both officially and personally.”

–- A. K. Mukherjee, Assistant to Consul, Indian Consulate
New York, 9 June 1967