The heart and soul of Woodstock

A talk given at the Inauguration of the Woodstock Peace Mile
3 June 1988

A long twenty-four years ago, I came to Woodstock for the first time. Since then I have come to Woodstock many, many times. I loved the soul of Woodstock, I still love the soul of Woodstock and I shall forever and forever love the soul of Woodstock. Now I am extremely grateful to the heart and soul of Woodstock for having given me the golden opportunity to be of dedicated service to the soul, heart, mind, vital and body of Woodstock.

Peace is the only thing that we need, that the world needs desperately. Here, our devoted, dedicated and soulful service to this great community will be our act of self-offering. Fruitful is Woodstock. And we are trying to add our soulful qualities with our devoted service to this great and good community.

I have had here teeming experiences, soulful experiences, spiritual experiences, illumining experiences, fulfilling experiences. I still have very, very good friends here in Woodstock. They have been extremely kind over the years and my heart of gratitude I am offering to them.

I cannot express adequately my inner feelings. I can only say this much: O heart of Woodstock, I was extremely fond of you, I am still fond of you, and I shall always and always remain fond of you. It is here that I had the dream, the golden dream, to do something in our way of manifestation here on earth. It has taken us twenty-four years to sow the seeds of my dream-beauty. Now we shall be offering our oneness-dream, oneness-home, oneness-family, not only in Woodstock but all over the world.