Unwarned by the Grim Reaper, unweighted with years,
In silence off she shuffled her mortal frame.
A ceaseless fount spraying pure joy was she,
Her heart all sweet with the zeal of a daring flame.

Her heavy boat plied from shore to shore unrhymed
Of blooming, quiescent or withering souls.
A snow-white train of humour with rosy thrill
Her presence called forth in persons of varied roles.

She served her Father divine, the Lord of the gods,
With earthly manna savoured with her soul's delight.
Her heart's up-brimming transport she shared with all.
Mridu, His dove, flew quick to His golden Height.

She bodied forth a climbing, sleepless love,
Her Parents blessed her life with bending Grace.
A unique prayer the child from Him received;
Behold, ecstasy's emblem grew her face.

— Chinmoy
September 22nd, 1962