Mridu-di reserves my place

Every night around eight o'clock, four hundred people or even more would stand in a line to receive the Mother's Blessings. The line was very strict. Mridu-di used to go two hours early so that she could be in the front of the line. Then she would sit and meditate for two hours. There would be only one or two people ahead of her. She would be sitting on the staircase that leads to the second floor, just two or three steps away from the door.

Mridu-di was quite fat. She used to occupy enough space for at least two persons. Then she would spread her legs out so that nobody could sit near her. No one dared to ask her to move.

I would come only two or three minutes before the set time. Before that I was playing volleyball or football, fooling around, running, throwing, taking a shower — not paying attention to the time. Then I would come running to the meditation hall and go to where Mridu-di was sitting. Mridu-di would keep a most beautiful rose for me to give to the Mother and sometimes she used to bless me also before the Mother blessed me. Then she made me go ahead of her in the line. In two minutes she made me a saint!

Behind her there were so many people. They used to curse her for allowing me in the line. “Why are you doing this?” they would ask.

“I am doing it for my son,” she would reply. If I had followed the line, I would have been at least two hundred persons behind, but because of her, I was almost at the front of the line every night.