Mridu-di defends her dog

Mridu's dog used to bark incessantly, without any rhyme or reason. The man who was said to have given the money to buy the main Ashram building lived very near Mridu-di, on the same block. If you saw this man, you would immediately think that he was a saint. He had long hair and a long beard — all grey. He really looked like a saint.

Anyway, Mridu-di's dog was too much for him. He complained that he could not sleep at night. One day he told Mridu-di that if her dog barked that particular night, he would definitely kill the dog on the following day.

That evening, when he was coming back home, Mridu-di was standing on the comer right near his house with a thick knife in her hand. I think it is called a machete. She said to him, “Before you can kill my dog, I am going to kill you!”

He got frightened and said, “Oh no, I am not going to kill your dog.” Then he quickly went inside his house.

That was my dearest Mridu-di! How she dominated my life in those days with her affectionate demands and commands. Her anger was of the quickest, but luckily, for me she was all love, all fondness.