Babar's oneness with his army

This incident took place when Babar was on his way to India. At one point, just before reaching Kabul, he and his troops encountered a severe storm. It was raining heavily and then it began to snow. There was no place for the army to take shelter. Then, to their wide surprise, they discovered a tiny cave, so they begged Babar to enter into the cave while all of them remained outside. They were ready to be drenched to the skin.

But Babar said, "How can I do that? You are my intimate friends and companions. This protection is not enough for all of us. Since it is not adequate for all, I do not need it. I cannot sleep in comfort while you remain in misery. Whatever hardship has to be faced, I will face it with you. I am more than happy to pass the night outside with you."

So Babar did not enter into the tiny cave. The storm lasted for a long time and then they were able to proceed to their destination. This was Babar's loving oneness with his friends and admirers.

Babar himself wrote about this incident in his famous memoirs, which are called Babar-nama. Babar was a good poet, a great hunter and a man of wisdom. He was extremely kind, extremely generous and extremely powerful. It is said that he swam every river on his way to India and crossed the Ganges in just thirty-three strokes.