Akbar visits Guru Nanak

Akbar always used to appreciate the good qualities in everybody — artists, musicians, singers, architects, poets and so on. He especially used to admire and adore religious people. At one time, he decided to visit Guru Nanak. Nanak was praying and meditating with his disciples. Akbar was so moved by Nanak's spirituality that he wanted to give Nanak something in return.

Akbar said to Nanak, "I am the Emperor. Please take something from me. I am ready to give you land or anything else that you wish."

Nanak replied, "No, no, no, I cannot accept anything from you."

Then Akbar went to Nanak's wife and repeated his offer, but she also said the same as her husband.

Finally, Akbar went to Nanak's daughter and said to her, "I am giving you a vast plot of land." The Emperor was so adamant that she could not refuse his gift. So Akbar was successful in giving Nanak something indirectly through his daughter.