Part VI — Shah Jahan: (ruled 1628-1658)

The reign of Shah Jahan

After Jahangir's death, Khurram defeated his brother Shahriyar, eliminated all other claims to the throne and proclaimed himself Emperor. He took the name Shah Jahan, meaning 'Sovereign of the World'. He then exiled the still influential Nur Jahan to Lahore and quickly subdued Rajput opposition. Shah Jahan's reign thus began on a powerful and decisive note.

Shah Jahan waged war in Southern India and Persia and he was able to expand and consolidate the Moghul Empire considerably. He also constructed many important buildings and mosques. He even built his own city, Shahjahanabad (now Old Delhi), at Delhi.

Upon the entrance to his Hall of Private Audience in his palace, he placed a Persian inscription in letters of gold: "If there be Paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this."

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