Creation is proud of Man, its crown and peak. Man is proud of his eminence and fulfilment.

But in God's vision, even a self-realised man is only the child of the superman to come upon earth.

Man is the son of an ape! But he will be the father of a superman!

But how?

Both his fast-mounting yearning and the evolving wheel of Life will be responsible for this mighty transformation.

Man is synonymous with impotence. His goal is a far cry from his natural experience. His present is dead in ignorance, but his future will be dead to ignorance.

Today brutality gambols within him, tomorrow Divinity.

Alas, man is not aware of the fact that his sweetness and humility go far, yet cost practically nothing.

Man, in essence, is not ugly. But hard is it for a man to appear beautiful, for he has lost the contact with his soul, the child of All-Beauty.

What is it, after all, that gives to a child his charm and beauty? Is it not the soul's glow? When that touch gets fainter and is finally lost, he becomes a dull and cautious adult.

Man is by nature a lover. Only he has yet to discover the real thing of love. This quest awakens him to the fulfilment of his real Self.

Who is man after all?

The one whose eye will make him Eternal, the one whose heart will throb with Immortality.

The man who is a sincere seeker of the Infinite must needs always say, "So little done, so much to do."

Man has two weapons: hope and despair. With hope he tries to kill the stagnation of incapacity. With despair he tries to kill the birth of the golden future.

If man's life is given for living, then Truth can have its inevitable reason for existing.

Man's joy in forgiving is a joy worth having.

Man's joy in being forgiven is a joy worth aspiring for.

Neither admiration nor critical penetration can make one see the secrets of another's life.

Self-sacrifice alone can do it.

Man's unseen strength is in his uncertain hopes. His hope's strength is in his sacrifice. His sacrifice's strength is in God's Grace. His Grace's strength is the All-Fulfilling Delight.

Sri Chinmoy, Man and God, Chinmoy Publishing Co, 1971