Question: How can I meditate with more intensity?

Sri Chinmoy: You can meditate with more intensity when you have developed real security in your aspiring life. What is real security? Real security is the knowledge that your spiritual father constantly cares for you. Just because I constantly care for you, I am trying to mould you in my own way. My own way means the divine way, the way of the Supreme. If you feel this, then automatically you will have more intensity because an overwhelming love and gratitude will flow constantly from you towards the Supreme in me. And that feeling is your meditation. Also, you have to feel that what I offer you is unconditional. Do not feel, “If I do this, then he will do something for me; if I don’t do this, then he will not show me affection.” You have to feel, “Even if I don’t do anything for him, my Guru will still show me his infinite compassion, infinite love, infinite concern. Even if I don’t meditate at all for one month, he will love me the same way.” If you have that kind of feeling then you will automatically have intensity, because intensity comes when an overwhelming gratitude flows.