Question: Are there any exercises your disciples can practise to develop their will-power?

Sri Chinmoy: There are three spiritual exercises to develop will-power:

One. Hold the end of your thumb tightly in your first finger, and try to feel a pulsation only in the tip of your thumb. That pulsation is your life energy, your breath, your mission, your realisation, soul and Goal. It is all there in the tip of your thumb. Then look at your thumbnail and feel that there is your dream and reality. When an idea comes to you to do something, you will get all the will-power you need from your thumb. Incidentally, the thumb can also be used to determine whether or not a person has will-power. If a person’s thumb is pointed at the end, generally that person has will-power. The more pronounced the point, the more will-power he is likely to have.

Two. Sit cross-legged in front of a very small mirror, with your back straight. Do not hold the mirror in your hand, but set it up at eye level so that you will be able to see only your face. Try to see your third eye. Inside your third eye imagine a deep hole, and try to see inward, not downward, through the hole. Go as far in as possible. When you reach your ultimate capacity try to see all your love there — the love that you have for your life. When you have seen all your love, try to imagine me in that place. Feel there is your love-field and give it to me. When you can give it to the Supreme in me, then you will be able to accomplish in the inner world all the things that you wanted to do.

Three. Stand about three and a half feet away from a wall. Then, make a very tiny black circle on the wall at eye level, and inside the circle make one dot. It has to be black. With your eyes half open, gaze at the circle, focusing all your attention on it. Try not to see anything else except the circle. After two or three minutes, try to feel that you are totally one with the circle, that your whole existence is inside it. Then go beyond the circle to the other side of the wall. When you go through the circle and beyond it, try to look back at your own physical reality, the reality that is standing in front of the wall. You started from the physical body but now you have sent your subtle body to the other side of the wall. From there try to look back at your physical. This will give you some satisfaction.

Complete satisfaction will come when you look at only the dot inside the circle and not the circle itself. Try to see your own self there, your own face of aspiration. Feel that you exist only there and nowhere else. Then try to feel that your existence, your face, your consciousness, everything, is replaced by me. Once you feel that your previous existence has been totally replaced by me, you will have established your inseparable oneness with me, and my will-power is bound to come into your life.