Question: Is it helpful to concentrate upon the golden aura, or should one hold a thought of God or some of His aspects in mind?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on the individual. God is personal and impersonal at the same time. A person may feel that he wants to adore the personal aspect of God. At the end of his spiritual search, he wants to see God in His personal aspect. If he feels that he wants to see God in divinised human form, as a being infinitely more beautiful than any being on earth, it is best for him to think of God, to meditate on God, to concentrate on God as the personal God.

But if he wants to see God as Light, golden Light without form, or God as dynamic Energy, then he can approach God the infinite Energy or God the infinite Light. The seeker has to make the choice as to what he wants to see at the end of his Self-discovery: God the personal or God the impersonal, God the Form or God the Formless. God is both Form and Formless. But some people are more fond of God the Form and some are fond of seeing God the Formless. And again, there are some seekers who want to see God in all His Forms, God as a Person and also God in His impersonal aspect. It entirely depends on the seeker’s own aspiration. God is ready. It is you who will make the choice.

In your case, the best thing will be for you to concentrate on the golden aura, to take God as a golden Light. This golden Light is the Supreme’s Light for manifestation on earth. This is a most significant Light for you, because in you there is abundant Light. Each person has an aura, and in your case your own aura is golden. If you can concentrate on God’s golden aura, on the golden colour, this will be most effective in your case.