Question: Through meditation is one able to create or master psychic powers?

Sri Chinmoy: Through meditation it is possible to get psychic powers, but it depends on the soul whether an individual will actually get them. The soul may feel that once you get psychic powers they may take you away from the spiritual life. Sometimes an aspirant will acquire psychic powers and then not want to pray or meditate any more. Instead, he will want to help people. Unfortunately, the ignorance of these people will capture and infect him and finally he may leave the spiritual path. So acquiring psychic powers may be dangerous.

But when one becomes perfect, when one realises God, if then one starts using psychic powers, it is safe. Psychic powers do not necessarily help one in realising God, but they may come to the seeker on the way to realisation. Psychic powers are like beautiful trees and plants or delicious fruits on the way to the Goal. If somebody walks along a road where there are no trees, no flowers, nothing, then he is not tempted to stop on his journey. Psychic powers will very often take sincere seekers away from the path. Once you have realised the Goal, the psychic powers are bound to come. So it is better not to pay any attention to the psychic powers now. Only pay attention to your aspiration and inner cry. When it is time, God Himself will give you all the psychic powers. But right now what He wants is for you to realise Him.