Question: When I have an experience, how do I know that my soul is working through the experience?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, you have to see your soul a few times. If you see a person, then you can see what he is doing. Similarly, if you do see your soul, then you will be able to know whether your soul is acting through a particular experience. But you have not yet seen the soul even once in your life. Right now you are simply playing tricks with words. First you have to see and feel the soul. You have to see what kind of form it takes. The soul is not bound by any form. Our soul very often changes its form according to our development and growth. Please excuse me, I am not discouraging you. I am saying that when you see the soul, when you become one with the soul, then you can have the knowledge of the soul. This is not discouragement. If you see the soul and know the soul, then immediately you can get the soul's knowledge and truth. But your present consciousness is completely separated from the soul's knowledge. While you are in the dark, you are trying to find out about the soul, which is all light.