Question: What do we learn from meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: The first thing that we learn from meditation is vastness. Meditation is the only way to expand our outer existence, our limited being. Without meditation, we would never expand ourselves; but if we meditate even for one minute, we have expansion.

What does expansion mean? In our expansion, we cross beyond the finite, and the finite enters into the infinite. We have come from the infinite, but we are playing the game of the finite. Instead, we should play the game of the infinite in the finite body. God is deep inside us. He wants to manifest Himself and we want to be His conscious instruments. The sense of being a conscious instrument we get only in our meditation. Otherwise, we feel, "I am the doer." When the ego comes forward, we immediately feel "I can say this, I can do this; I, I, I," whereas in meditation, when we go deep within, we feel that we have become just an instrument, a channel. If a divine thought comes, we immediately express it in a divine way and become more divine. But we can only become channels when the mind is calm and quiet.

In our meditation, we always have to know what we are aspiring after. Some people, in the name of meditation, permit all the worst kinds of thoughts and desires to enter them. When distracting thoughts enter into our mind during meditation, we have to ask ourselves what we are going to gain. Nothing, nothing! The best thing in meditation is to have no thoughts, emotions or ideas. No thought, not an iota of thought, should penetrate our mind. The mind is fertile soil. Only the divine seed should grow there, and not any outer, human thought or idea. Then, if we start meditating, and the mind is calm and quiet, say for five minutes, we will see or feel our inner being or psychic being. This being starts speaking in a different language, and through meditation we will be able to learn its language and be able to hear its message. At that time, the psychic being can mould our outer life.

This opportunity is given to everyone, but unfortunately, most of us do not try to meditate. God is inside us, but we have compelled Him to keep His eyes closed. Like a child playing, He is just trying to open His eyes, but we say, "No, no You must not open your eyes." But a day comes when we will, with our meditation and aspiration, bring the divine Child who is within us to the fore and look at Him. And we will see that the divine Child is no one other than ourselves. With our meditation, we consciously are trying to bring forward that Self of ours. Only meditation can accomplish this, nothing else.