Question: If we, your disciples, have questions about a course of action and we don't know what your will is, how can we decide what to do? Do we meditate on your picture asking that question?

Sri Chinmoy: You can meditate on my picture. During your meditation you may or may not get an answer; there is no hard and fast rule. But if you get a type of inner joy with an answer, then it is the correct answer. If there is no joy, then the answer is not coming from the picture; it is coming from your mind.

There is another important thing I wish to say. Whenever you have dreams or visions, please do not try to interpret them or ask others to interpret them, because you will be making a terrible mistake. If you have a vision or an inner experience, go deep within to discover the meaning or ask me to give you the meaning. If you have a wonderful experience, you can write to me. I may not answer you outwardly or give you any specific inner message, but I will bless you and appreciate your experience. And again, if you have a really divine experience, my inner being will immediately know.