Question: What do you mean by God-realisation?

Sri Chinmoy: God-realisation means our constant, conscious feeling of inseparable oneness with the Highest. It is not a matter of feeling or thinking; it is our actual experience. When we realise God, we discover our own reality, our own Self-form. God-realisation and Self-discovery are the same thing. In our discovery, we see all that we truly are. We see that the entire universe is of us and for us. God-realisation means that we are part and parcel of God. At the same time it makes us feel that everything that is within and without belongs to us.

When the seeker becomes one with God, God uses him to fulfil the need of humanity. On the strength of his own oneness with humanity, he brings down a most delicious meal from above, to feed its hunger. And at the same time, he carries humanity to the highest Height. A God-realised person is a messenger. He carries humanity's aspiration to the highest plane and he brings down from above God's Compassion and Blessings. This moment he represents earth-consciousness; the next moment, Heaven-consciousness. What earth-consciousness is, he will bring to Heaven; what Heaven-consciousness offers, he carries to earth.