Part I — Gandhi Award

Sri Chinmoy's acceptance remarks

Mahatma Gandhi, O luminosity-soul, O purity-heart, O sincerity-mind, O simplicity-life, to you I bow and bow.

Ahimsa, the non-violence-world-transformation-light, you had. Satyagraha, the truth-eagerness-manifestation-delight, you were. You were the invaluable voice of India's soul. You were the indisputable choice of India's heart.

Mahatma, you were at once India's hope-beauty-flower and India's promise-fragrance-garden. Your colossal soul will perpetually shine in India's gratitude-heart on the path of life. The transcendental greatness-life of the sun your outer name was. The universal goodness-heart of the moon your inner name was.

Mahatma, in you India discovered India's heart-awakening bells. In India you discovered India's world-beckoning trumpets.

Mahatma, to you I bow and bow.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, today you have blessingfully bestowed upon me — my heart of aspiration and my life of dedication — the Gandhi Universal Harmony Award. Indeed, this is not an award; this is a supremely hallowed and divinely precious blessing. My gratitude-heart-tears and my gratitude-heart-smiles are receiving this compassion-flooded blessing-light from you, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan: India's unparalleled culture-mountain-summit and wisdom-ocean-depth to raise high, higher, highest the aspiring consciousness of truth-seeking and God-loving humanity.