Gandhi's matchless sincerity

A friend of Gandhi's once needed money and asked Gandhi if he could help him. Gandhi first said, "I have no money." Then he conceded, "All right, I will try my best."

Gandhi stole a piece of gold from his brother and sold it. He then gave the money to his friend. Afterwards, he felt miserable that he had stolen something.

He always used to tell his father everything. He did not keep any secrets from him. Although his father was very sick and bedridden, Gandhi wrote him a note, saying, "I stole a piece of gold and I feel very sad and miserable. Please forgive me."

As soon as his father read the note, he immediately got up from his bed. Gandhi was afraid he was going to strike him. But there were tears in his father's eyes. Then Gandhi thought that his father was very sad that his son had stolen something from his own brother. So he felt even more miserable. Finally, his father tore up the note and there were more tears in his eyes.

Gandhi assured his father, "Father, I will never steal anymore. This is my first and last time. Please do not cry."

His father was so moved that he cried and cried. "I am crying, son, not because you have stolen something but because of your sincerity. You are always so truthful. I have never seen anybody as sincere as you. I am crying because of your sincerity, not because you have committed a theft. I am so proud of your sincerity and honesty."