Question: I wonder if you could tell me something about inner discipline.

Sri Chinmoy: Discipline should come from inside. Outer discipline is necessary, but if there is no inner discipline, then outer discipline has no value. Outwardly I may be calm and quiet, but inwardly I can be cherishing all kinds of wrong thoughts.

If you want spiritual discipline, then you have to know how to concentrate. Concentration is of paramount importance in disciplining us. Every day you eat. Every day you go to school and every day without fail you should practise concentration. What will you concentrate on? You will concentrate on the life that is fulfilling and not the life that is disturbing or destructive. What can build your life? Your cry for God. If you want to possess the world, then you will not be able to discipline yourself. If you want only to be possessed by the Inner Pilot, by the Supreme, then only you will be able to discipline yourself.