Question: Can we do our meditation without doing concentration exercises first?

Sri Chinmoy: If you want to learn meditation without going through concentration, you must feel that you are standing at the door of your inner room. When you stand at the door you allow only your friends to enter into your room. You do not allow strangers or your enemies.

You have to welcome only good thoughts, divine thoughts. These are your true friends. Undivine thoughts, hostile thoughts, must not come into your mind. Your mind is constantly receiving thoughts and you have to be very careful. You have to welcome only divine thoughts. Then play with these divine thoughts. Let them play in the garden of your mind. Play with thoughts of divine qualities, divine Love, divine Power or divine Peace. Let them play, let them grow. While playing you will grow into the divine aspects of Truth. Then a time will come when you will see that there are no thoughts, if you allow only divine thoughts to play within you. Your entire being will be surcharged with inner Divinity. Your consciousness at that time will try only to be receptive. And what will descend, what will enter into you? Truth in abundant measure, Light in abundant measure, Love in abundant measure, everything in infinite measure.