Question: Do you feel pain while you are meditating? Do you feel any pain? If someone hit you, would you feel pain?

Sri Chinmoy: If it is the highest type of meditation, we will not feel any pain because at that time we are not in the body, but in the soul. If our consciousness is in the physical, if somebody pinches us immediately we will feel pain. But if we are in the soul, we will not be affected. The soul is the divine part in us, the divine Light, which is the representative of God. This soul cannot be disturbed, cannot be destroyed. It is something in us that is immortal. When we are doing our highest meditation, we are not in the physical, we are in the soul. We become one with the soul.

Here we are living in ignorance. That is why somebody can come and strike us. But if a person is in the Light, he will not bother us. He will not disturb us. He will never pinch us. On the contrary, when he sees that we are meditating, he will come and also start meditating with us because he feels that we are doing something good, something divine. Naturally, he also wants to do the same things so that he can be a divine child.