Question: If I meditate on a person, can I be with him on the inner plane?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly you can. If you have an intimate friend who is absolutely sympathetic to you and your inner life, you can try this with him: you have to enter into him and you have to breathe simultaneously with him. If two sincere, dedicated, aspiring souls sit together every day and practice breathing together, they will achieve the result. You should count one, two, three, and breathe in at the same time. Then stop counting. When you are breathing in, feel that he is also breathing in. Look at one another and converse through the eyes. If you can develop identification this way with two persons sitting face to face, then you can throw this same power of identification all over the entire world. Even if the person is separated from you, thousands of miles away, you can easily know what he is thinking.

This inner identification is practised by all spiritual Masters. Every day in the morning and in the evening and at other times also, I use this power of identification for my devoted disciples in different parts of the world. Then I see, hear, know everything they do. There are many minor things they do which I do not take into consideration, but when there is something very serious, before it actually touches the physical, I try to destroy it on the mental plane. As far as your question is concerned, this can be done, and I must say, it has to be done by all sincere aspirants and especially by leaders who want to serve and help humanity, no matter in which field, the spiritual field, the political field or any other field.