Question: Once during meditation I had the experience that I was neither inside nor outside. There was no solidity; there was nothing concrete, objective or real. I didn't know where I was or what was happening.

Sri Chinmoy: This is a good experience. You were neither inside nor outside. Then where were you? When you are not inside, that means you are not inside your highest reality. And when you are not outside, that means you are not in your outgoing energy. The inside has the message of purity and the outside has the message of beauty. You have not entered into the very depths within, where purity looms large, and at the same time you have not entered into the very depths without, where beauty is manifested. When inside becomes purity, then outside becomes beauty. Now this is one way of experiencing the truth. But another way of experiencing this truth is to feel that you are standing somewhere holding the outer world of imperfection and the inner world of perfection. You are the bridge in your life between the outer world and the inner world where you are neither the outer world nor the inner world. You are bringing the inner world into the outer world so that it can manifest itself, and you are taking the outer world into the inner world so that it can realise itself.