Question: Is the feeling of the soul coming out of the body something to have as an aim? What will happen to the body if the soul does not come back into it?

Sri Chinmoy: When we say that we want to bring our consciousness out of the body during meditation, we do not want to kill or destroy the body. We have to bring the limited consciousness out of the body and throw it into the universal Consciousness.

Our aim should be to come out of the finite and enter into the infinite. During our meditation we feel all-pervading Peace, Joy, Bliss and Power which we do not normally feel. The moment we think of the body, we are limited; we are in a prison cell; we are only five feet and a few inches tall; but the moment we think of the soul, we will feel Infinity, Eternity and Immortality all around.

There are two approaches to the high, higher, highest levels of consciousness. If one wants to work in the world or for the world, no matter how high he goes, the Divine will grant him the opportunity and the assurance of coming back into the world. Because the Divine wants this seeker to work for Him and manifest Him here on earth. But if one does not want to manifest here on earth, he will be given the chance to stay in the higher worlds. His soul will not have to come back into the body.

There is no need to think about bringing one's soul back into the body. If you work for the world, then God Himself will pave a clear, sunlit path for your return through your meditation. Your meditation takes your soul or consciousness out of your body, and also brings it back. No matter where you go, since you have accepted the world and want to work for the world, the meditation that takes you to the highest will bring you from the highest to reveal and fulfil the Divine here on earth.