Question: Guru, can the quality and colour of light that one sees in meditation be used as a guide to the height and quality of the meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, it can be, but only if you know the significance of the light or colour can it be of help to you. If you know the significance of a colour you have seen in your meditation, then you will be able to know whether you are making progress in your spiritual life or not. Suppose you are meditating very deeply and you see blue light; you know this light is from your meditation, and not from your imagination. When you know it is from your deep meditation, immediately feel that this blue light is the light of spirituality. This light means you are becoming as vast as the sky, the vast blue sky. Again, the light means you are consciously becoming one with Infinity. If you do not know the meaning of the blue light, you will simply notice what a beautiful wonderful colour it is. It will help you to a limited extent, because your inner being does make progress when you see blue light. But if your outer being knows what the colour signifies, then your progress, your evolution, proceeds much faster.

The same holds true when you repeat mantras, and when you chant Sanskrit slokas or verses. If you know the meaning of the slokas and chant them soulfully, you get the utmost benefit from them. There are many scholars who know the meaning of the slokas, but they do not chant them soulfully. Like a parrot they repeat the mantras; they do not get any result from their chanting. A seeker may not have studied the slokas thoroughly like the scholars, but if he knows their basic meaning and he most sincerely, most devotedly prays and meditates on them, he gets the utmost benefit. There are many people who have studied the Indian scriptures. They know that blue signifies vastness; red, power; gold, manifestation; white, purity; green, freshness and dynamism. They know these facts, but they do not meditate on the colours, and they get no result. Now there are sincere seekers who meditate on the colours without knowing their significance. They will definitely derive benefit from their meditation, but if the conscious mind knows the significance, they can get the utmost benefit. Suppose you have seen a blue light. For ten days or even for two months that experience can keep your consciousness very high and vast. If your inner being has a special connection with the Indian spiritual Master, Sri Krishna, then you will say, "Lord Krishna's colour is blue." By identifying with him, immediately you will get something from him, consciously or unconsciously.

To my disciples I would like to say that I represent all the colours and all the lights, but my most prominent colours are blue and gold. Whenever you see any colour, please feel it is an indication of inner progress. There are some seekers who see light when physical eyesight is failing. When my brother was losing his vision, he used to have wonderful visions in red, blue, and white. He did not meditate like the rest of our family. The doctor asked him to please go to an eye specialist. This does not apply to you, far from it — only to those who do not consciously pray and meditate.

Sometimes you may see a light that need not be connected with you at all. During sleep or meditation, your inner being may contact someone else's inner being, and the light you see is not your own, but his.

Suppose that during meditation you have become totally one with your daughter. You are not meditating on her, you are meditating on the Supreme, but one of your inner beings has suddenly made a very close connection with your daughter, although your physical mind is not aware of it at all. If at this time you see green light, because green signifies dynamism and new creation you may think that a new creation has dawned in your own life. You will expect yourself to be very dynamic and fresh. Then, when the next day you see that old ideas are still bothering you, you will curse yourself. You will say, "After I had this experience, how is it that I am still dwelling in old thoughts? I cannot come out of the prison-cell of my old life!" Unfortunately you do not know that this experience is not telling you something about your own inner life, but about your daughter.

Quite often it happens that when we are very close to another person we identify ourselves with him. We feel that something which is actually going to happen in that person's life will be taking place in our own life. But if we are very conscious during our meditation, then we will be able to make the distinction. The person who is dear to us does gain something when we see his light, and consciously or unconsciously he gets joy. But if we tell him about the experience so that his conscious mind knows that we have seen his light, then he will derive the most benefit from it.

If you feel that by keeping your eyes closed you can see the blue light sooner, then you have the right to keep your eyes closed. But you have to know whether you will make the fastest progress by seeing the light or by keeping your eyes open and identifying yourself with my divine consciousness. You may feel, when you see the blue light, that that is all, that you have achieved everything. But I wish to say that seeing any light of any colour need not be the ultimate achievement, or the best experience. For my disciples, it is most important to establish oneness with my Light. If you feel that blue light is more profitable than identifying consciously and soulfully with my consciousness, it will be a mistake. But if you feel that since the blue light comes spontaneously to you, you can make tremendous progress, then certainly you are doing the right thing. It is up to each individual to feel how he can make the fastest progress.