Question: Could we have a week of solid meditation in order to make some progress?

Sri Chinmoy: Then more mental asylums will have to open up. It is not possible. Only spiritual Masters can meditate for hours and days on end. Ordinary seekers have to talk and mix with people; otherwise, they will go crazy. Any individual has to see and talk with others and get an outer vibration. Otherwise, the mind and nerves become very agitated. Then anger comes and also a kind of subtle pride: "I have not talked to people for one whole week." Then they become abnormal.

Meditating twenty-four hours a day is quite possible, but only after you realise God, or when you are on the verge of realisation. At that time, you will have acquired the capacity. So even while you are eating, talking or working in your office, you will see that you are doing your best meditation; you will see that you can do four things at once.