Question: Can we consciously offer the fruit of our meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, if you want to. It is your money, your wealth, and you can give it consciously or unconsciously. Sri Ramakrishna said that God is like a child. A child may be standing with a piece of candy, and you are begging, "Give me the candy," but the child won't give it to you. It is his property, his wealth, and he won't give it. But somebody else who does not care for the candy or even for the child may be passing, and the child will run after him and say, "You take it." So here also, when you have inner wealth, it is up to you whether you give it or not. Somebody may come to you eager and anxious to have it, but you may not give it to that person because you do not like him. You will only give it to the person whom you like, although that person may not even care for it.

But again, you have to know that the individual you want to give it to is inwardly ready to receive it, even though he is outwardly not crying for it. God knows when an individual's inner being is totally ready, and He gives that particular individual His Wealth even though the person is not crying for it. But when the inner being of the person is not ready to receive God's Wealth, even though the individual is outwardly crying for it, he won't appreciate it or be able to receive it. He will just put a little into his mouth and not be satisfied. Then he will just throw it away; he will not utilise it properly.