Question: As I understand it, meditation requires a certain amount of time. How can people find the time to be involved?

Sri Chinmoy: How many hours do we have at our disposal? Twenty-four hours. Do we work for twenty-four hours? Do we sleep for twenty-four hours? Do we eat for twenty-four hours? No, we do quite a few things during these twenty-four hours. We can do all kinds of things during the day. We can mix with our friends, eat, go to school and do so many activities. What prevents us from thinking of God, poor God, for five minutes a day? We can't give five minutes to God during these twenty-four hours? We have time to do everything else. But when it is a matter of God, then we say that we don't have time. Just because we give more importance to something else, we don't find the time to give to poor God.

If we really care for God, God will give us time to think of Him. God is crying for us to think of Him. If we really want God, then we have plenty of time. But if we don't care for God, then we get time only to do other things.