Question: Could you say something about the role of Mother Mary?

Sri Chinmoy: The role of Mother Mary is unique. From the seed we get the plant, the tree, the flowers and the fruits. The Mother of the Saviour was responsible for the vision, aspiration and realisation of Her Son. Her silent prayer helped the Son considerably. Whenever we see the baby Christ with Mother Mary, immediately we feel that the beauty and fragrance of the creation, of Mother-Earth, are embodied inside the child. Or we can say that Mother-Earth has given everything that she has and that she is to the child, the Christ.

All the divine qualities of the Divine Mother, Mother Mary has, but Her Compassion aspect always comes to the fore. Inside Her Compassion is Her Forgiveness, and inside Her Forgiveness is Wisdom. When She forgives, it is not like ordinary forgiveness. With ordinary forgiveness, even after we are forgiven, again we start doing the same thing wrong. But when Mother Mary forgives us, She also gives us the message of wisdom, so that we do not repeat our mistake. She is always ready to help the individual who is not doing the right thing with Her Wisdom-Light.

When we think of God, especially in the Christian world, we feel that He is taller than the tallest — infinitely taller than the Himalayas — or far above us somewhere in Heaven. When we pray to God our Father who is in Heaven, we feel that if we pray and pray, someday we may be able to touch the Feet of God. It is difficult for us to immediately feel His Heart. We feel His Protection aspect or His Power aspect. But when we pray to Mother Mary, we immediately feel Her Heart. When we pray to God, we think of God the Omnipotent. With His Power He can destroy this old creation and build a new creation. With His Power He can also protect us. But when we pray to Mother Mary, immediately we feel the presence of God the Compassion. Her Compassion is inside Her Heart and nowhere else.

People who love God as Mother Mary feel that their prayers immediately enter into Her Heart. There Her Compassion, Her Affection, Her Love, Her Concern, Her constant Self-Offering to mankind can be felt. When we think of Mary, we feel that inside Her Heart She is feeding us, nourishing us with Her Affection, Compassion, Love, Concern and sleepless Self-Giving. She is always showing Her Affection and Compassion for those who consciously want to be Her special children. We are all Her children, but some want to be conscious children of Mother Mary. They are very fortunate because they consciously want to remain inside Her Heart and be nourished and fed with Her divine Nectar at every moment in their life of prayer, in their life of aspiration and in their life of dedication.

Sri Chinmoy, My heart shall give a oneness-feast.First published by Agni Press in 1993.

This is the 927th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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