Letter to Sister Anita

30th December 1996 Kyoto, Japan

Dear Sister Anita,

Your most soulful and prayerful message on the occasion of your father’s Centenary has touched the very depths of my heart. I am profoundly grateful to you for responding to our request.

True, his untimely death at the youthful age of 48 deprived you of the opportunity to grow up by his side and to learn from him first-hand the principles of self-sacrifice, devotion to a higher cause and burning love for his Indian brothers and sisters. But each and every word of your message radiates with the self-same Netaji-spirit that is loved and adored throughout the length and breadth of India.

I have almost completed writing my book on your father during my stay here in Kyoto. On December 26th, I travelled to the Renko-ji Temple in Tokyo to pay homage at the beautiful and peaceful shrine where his ashes are preserved. I am enclosing some photos of that day, which is so precious to me.

I do hope to be able to send you my completed book before your father’s Birth Centenary on January 23rd.

As a Bengali, as an Indian, as a truth-seeker and God-lover, I bow and bow to the peerless soul of Netaji Subhaas Chandra Bose. It is his blood that runs through your veins and I am fully convinced that he has been blessing you and sheltering you from Heaven since the very dawn of your earth-life.

With my heart’s deepest love, joy and gratitude.

Sri Chinmoy

ps. I am extremely grateful to you for being so kind and compassionate to one of my youngest students, Aruna Pohland. She joined our way of life with her parents when she was only a few months old. I am extremely proud of their entire family.

Once more, I wish to thank you from the very depths of my heart for blessing her with your kindness, joy and compassion.