Questions and answers

Question: Can you describe our inner aspiration and how we can share it with others?

Sri Chinmoy: Aspiration is like a bird spreading its wings and going up. When we start our journey in the spiritual life, we have a tiny aspiration-flame. This flame is always looking upwards and nowhere else. The Compassion-light from above enters into it and immediately this flickering flame responds to the higher Light and expands. Like a magnet the higher Light pulls it up, and while it is being pulled up its own light increases. Just because the flame has accepted the higher Light as its own source, the higher Light has descended like a bird.

When we meditate, that means that we have gone higher. The moment we come out of the meditation room and see our family and friends, we have a feeling of oneness. When we receive some Light during our meditation we feel happy. Then afterwards we feel a sense of affinity and identification with others because we have established our oneness with them, and we share the happiness and Light we have received with them.

When we get something from above, that very thing is pulling us up. And while it is pulling us up, the ones whom we take as our own are also being carried up, because of our oneness with them. When we have established our oneness with the Transcendental aspect of Light, our oneness is also immediately established with the Universal aspect of Light. If we establish our oneness with one aspect of Light, transcendental or universal, the other will also come. If we can love everyone as our own, as in universal Love, then the transcendental Love will also pull us. Either we go up from the one to the many or from the many to the one. Either we can go to the Transcendental through the Universal, or we can go to the Universal through the Transcendental. This is the Game.