Question: When we receive Light and Peace from our meditation, is it assimilated and stored for our gradual use, or do we constantly use it as we use food?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to assimilate what you receive from meditation. If you do not assimilate it, then it is almost useless. Once something becomes assimilated, it becomes a solid realisation, an absolutely permanent experience. Then it is not only a conscious part of you, but also inseparably one with your existence. But you cannot live today on yesterday's food. So the next day, you have to go again and get the same amount of Peace, Light and Bliss.

If Peace, Light and Bliss are not assimilated, then it is just as if a friend came into your life and then left you after a few hours. This friend you did not make your lifelong friend, your eternal friend. If you do not establish an eternal friendship, then you do not give your friend the opportunity to be with you, to inspire you, to guide you, to mould you, to shape you, and to share with you his divine capacity or qualities. Then naturally your friend leaves you. So, it makes a great difference whether you assimilate your meditation or not.